7 Keys I've learned about Calling

I'm sharing today at the Identity Conference in Orange County CA at Saddleback Church on the topic of identity and calling. So thought I would share my points from the talk here as well. Hope it's helpful!

1. The essence of calling is "Where my greatest strengths and deepest passions intersect."

- Talent and passion, that is the core.

- Calling today is more seasonal, projects instead of a career.

- Two callings on your life- salvation and vocation- no excuses in today's culture for doing something you hate or you are not good at.

2. Discovering your calling may be right in front of you.

- We tend to make vocational calling mysterious and spooky. It shouldn't be.

- Look at your childhood.

- Write it down. My own calling- influence influencers, connect equip and inspire. Saw it early and embraced it.

- Find someone who embodies your calling and learn from them. Your calling SAGE, your calling CLONE.

- take tests to discover your strengths and passions.

3. Very Business, very Bible- V2

- we are ALL called to this.

- as Kingdom entrepreneurs, as corporate leaders, as social innovators, as those who love Jesus and find ourselves on Monday in an office, or a cube, or a boardroom, we have a responsibility.

- we must see ourselves as Pastors. as Kingdom ambassadors in the corporate arena.

4. Excellence- pursue it in every area, starting now. 

- Be GREAT at what you do in your work and vocation.

- Excellence is not just expected, it's required. It's an obligation.

- Excellence starts with you. As the leader you have to model this.

- We serve a God who is great. We should be too.

- Hold yourself to a standard of excellence in every area of life. He who is faithful with little will be faithful with much.

5. Become an expert now. 

- Live and lead and act and create based on the job or role you want next. This is way more demanding!!

- Become an expert NOW, even before you need to be. That way when it's your turn to come off the bench you are ready. When you are asked for your opinion or involvement, give it or do it.

- Demand perfection from yourself before anyone ever demands it of you. You should reach for perfection without being asked. Don't wait for an organization to expect if from you. Expect the best from yourself.

- Experience creates expertise. Obvious, but we too often forget. See yourself as the expert.

- Kill it in the Now. Hustle!!! Humble and Hungry, not arrogant and entitled.

6. Own a vision bigger than what is in front of you. 

- Have a vision and hunger for something bigger. Have a global vision for what's next.

- See where you want to be next. Act like you are already there.

- Managers work on things that are right in front of them. Leaders work on things that are bigger than that. Leaders see further than just what is right in front of them. Looking over the next hill and responding to the work in front of them, but also inventing the future.

- Leaders invent the future, and don't just respond to the present. Leaders initiate.

- Our sense of calling should be like an unfolding epic adventure. Have an expectation for the amazing. For what's next.

7. Ultimately, and always, more like Jesus.

- this is our ultimate call and goal- to be more like Christ. Our identity is rooted in Him.

- Identity and calling is ultimately more about who you are, than necessarily what you do.

- The making of a leader is about the process. The process of living out your calling takes time. It's the mundane and ordinary and insignificant where your calling is rooted.