Mark Beeson is a Hunter

Yes, he loves to hunt and that is one of just many reasons I really appreciate Mark Beeson.  He is a great pastor, leader, communicator and has built a great community in Granger, IN called Granger Community Church. We held our first ever Catalyst One Day event there back in November. A home run. The Granger staff is incredible. Seriously. I wanted to hire most of them on the spot. But that wouldn't be right. 

The staff at Granger reflect their Senior Pastor and Leader. A great leader.

Back to the hunting.... When you meet someone who loves to hunt like you do, there is an immediate bond. An immediate connection. Such with Mark Beeson. Because we both know what it is like to see the sunrise out in a duck blind or a deer stand and appreciate God's goodness and greatness and His wonderful creation. And he is a hunter. He loves the outdoors. He cherishes times with his family out in the woods and in nature. 

He is a hunter. One of the many reasons I appreciate Mark Beeson.

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