Back in the Saddle

The blogging vacation is over. Time to re-enter the atmosphere.  Spent 12 hours in the car yesterday driving back from Oklahoma to Atlanta. Lots of time to think, reflect, and catch up on podcasts and CD's. Finally had the chance to listen to the talks from Catalyst in October. 

Andy Stanley's message on Moral Authority from Catalyst is off the charts. Based on Nehemiah and so many parallels to what is happening today in our country and with our economic situation. If you weren't able to hear it live, you need to buy the CD set on our website. It is worth having. For some reason this talk just really stood out to me above the rest.

Another post later today on Year End Review, and the December Young Influencers List.

Also, some major press for Gift Card Giver in the Chicago Sun Times. Gift Card Giver is an organization I am involved with as a board member, so be sure to check it out. And if you have any gift cards with unused dollars left on them, send them to us. We'll put them to good use.