We First Branding Seminar with Simon Mainwaring

I recently interviewed Simon Mainwaring for the Catalyst Podcast. Check out the interview here. Simon is the best-selling author of the book We First, and has helped some of the leading brands in the world with strategy and social media, through his consulting firm We First Branding.

Simon has just announced his first ever We First Social Branding Seminar to be held in Los Angeles on Feb.1-2, 2012. The seminar is specifically designed to help you define and articulate your organization/brand's purpose in a way that will emotionally connect with your community, and then to scale and amplify that message using the most effective social media strategies and tactics. Plus, every attendee gets to invite their favorite non-profit for free which is amazing! The early bird pricing ends next week so register now. I'm confident you'll get so much out of it.

Pastors, Church leaders and non-profit leaders- again, you can attend for FREE if accompanying a regular attendee. So check out this great seminar, listen to the podcast interview, and buy the book!