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An interview with Hillsong songwriter and worship leader Reuben Morgan

I recently caught up with Reuben Morgan, prolific songwriter, artist and worship leader with Hillsong Church. Reuben is one of the most influential songwriters of our generation. He has written or co-written such powerful worships songs such as Cornerstone, God is Able, Mighty to Save, Awakening, and Forever Reign, among many others.

The new album Glorious Ruins from Hillsong Live is powerful, epic and amazing. Check it out.

In part one below, we talk about the new Glorious Ruins album, a few specific songs from the album, how Hillsong maintains a distinct sound, and Reuben's move to London in the past year.

In part two below, we talk leadership, what makes a great leadership culture, and some of the key leadership essentials that make up the Hillsong DNA.


- New album- Glorious Ruins- tell us about it.

- Christ is Enough is one of the feature songs on the album (which you wrote), along with Glorious Ruins as the feature track and name of the album. Talk about each of those songs.

- You also co-wrote Glorify Your Name with Chris Tomlin. Give us insight into that song.

- How do you all maintain the integrity of songwriting, and the sound of a Hillsong worship song?

- You are now spending your time in London. Talk about what is happening there at Hillsong London.


- You've been around the Hillsong culture for a long time- what are the few key leadership essentials/traits that you see all the time and that seem to be embodied within the Hillsong culture?

- How about for you? In terms of leading, what would you say is key and crucial regarding leaders who you are now influencing?

- I'll give you the last word.

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