Young Influencers List, April edition

Here you go, the April edition of the Young Influencers List. You can see all the past month's lists here

1. Kaiwei Tang - co founder of the Light Phone

2. Mimi Valdes - Brooklyn based writer, chief creative officer of I am Other, and executive producer of recent movie Hidden Figures. 

3. Jonathan Akin - director of Young Leader Engagement at North American Mission Board, and a co founder of Baptist 21. 

4. Kristin Adams - host, TV personality, actress, and speaker. 

5. Gerald Fadayomi - Atlanta based communicator and InsideOut groups director and student pastor at Browns Bridge Church

6. Kevin Jennings - marketing director at Orange, DJ, brand builder, and founder of Junction 32 Agency. 

7. David Simiele - campus pastor at Christ Fellowship in Palm Beach Gardens, FL.