10 Keys for Creating Value through Social Media

Social Media is here to stay. Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, Snapchat and many other outlets are some of the best ways to consume and create the most information in a timely manner that I've found. Everyone is on these outlets these days. It's helpful, quick, informative, and aggregated in a way that is valuable to me. If you are wondering who to follow, or wondering why I follow who I follow, here are several reasons why I follow some on Twitter and not others

These points are created primarily with Twitter in mind, but also easily translate to Facebook, Instagram, Google +, Linkedin, and most other social media outlets.

Ultimately, here are 10 Keys for Creating Value for others on Social Media: 

1. You give me value. Provide me great content, and also a great link, a quote, a stat, new website, etc.

2. You don't constantly pimp yourself. Remain humble. Make it about others.

3. You are generous. I see lots of retweets from you and notice you seem to care about others and are willing to talk about others and want to help them.

4. You make me think. A link to a timely article on theology, a great quote, a phrase that encourages or challenges, a Scripture verse, etc.

5. You make me laugh. I simply need some humor and you provide it.

6. You keep me informed. I want to be ahead of the crowd when it comes to news and pertinent info. Trends, future, and innovation also fit here. 

7. You tweet in moderation. No overtweeting. A nice steady stream of tweets.

8. You provide a personal connection, And because of that, I actually want to meet you in person. Whether as an individual or organization.

9. You have a picture. Without out, no follow. Your account looks fake. Get rid of the bland egg!!

10. You are a friend. I still follow many friends who are not necessarily the greatest at Twitter. But I still follow them. That's what friends are for!