Young Influencers List March Edition

Here you go, the March edition of the Young Influencers List. You can see past month's editions here

1. Matthew Slater - NFL wide receiver and special teams player for the New England Patriots. 

2. Ryan Kwon - lead pastor of Resonate Church in Fremont, CA, and founder of the Resonate Movement

3. Ruthie Lindsey - Nashville based speaker, stylist, interior designer, and creative director at Ruthie Lindsey Design. 

4. Joseph Hutson - Dubai based cinematographer, storyteller and filmmaker for Dubai Film Production. 

5. Collin McHugh - MLB pitcher for the Houston Astros, and writer/blogger

6. Mariam Varghese - Ft Lauderdale based VP for OneHope

7. River Bennett - Sydney based photographer and writer, and also founder and editor of The Wolf Pack Mrs