Top Twelve Trends in Leadership Today

Here are some key trends happening in Leadership today. 

1. Authenticity rules- Transparency, vulnerability, honesty and full disclosure are in.

2. The rise of the Free Agent and the "Gig" economy- it's now a "free agent" nation. Around 35% of the current workforce is self employed or project based, and that is only going to grow. 

3. Connection of identity, calling, vocation and assignment- Leaders want to connect purpose with passion, and are not willing to stay in a role or organization just "because" anymore.  

4. Digital and Social Media Power and domination- Social media is now one of the most important parts of a leaders influence. 

5. The rise of the tribe and network- Community is crucial, and relationships win. There is tremendous power in the people you're on the journey with. The tribe rules and leads. 

6. Reverse mentoring- younger is now mentoring the older as it relates to technology, open source, social media and digital engagement. 

7. Content is a commodity- Move towards free in all areas. Which puts a premium on the experience. 

8. Decline of hierarchy- organizations are becoming flatter, which puts more accountability in the hands of each employee.

9. Succession happening at every level- Transitions are crucial, and as the boomers continue to hand off the reigns to Gen X and Y, healthy succession is crucial. 

10. Mobile teampeople want to, and are, working from anywhere and everywhere. Which again puts more accountability on the results, and less on "office hours."

11. Influence is everywhere- everyone has influence, because creating influence has never been so readily available to anyone at anytime. 

12. Collaboration is in- Open source and generosity are key currencies in making things happen and getting things done.