Young Influencers List, January edition

A brand new year of the Young Influencers List. 2012 here we go! The 2012 January edition. You can see all the past month's lists here.

1. Courtney Dow- director of NightLight International USA, fighting human trafficking and slavery.

2. Jason Ingram- talented songwriter and producer from Nashville.

3. Daniel Carson- worship leader at Passion City Church and part of the Chris Tomlin band.

4. Justin Churchman- CNN Heroes "Young Wonders" Award winner, has built 18 homes by his 18th birthday with Casas por Cristo. Watch story here.

5. Jason Illian- founder and CEO, Rethink Books, and author and speaker.

6. Anthony Bradley- writer, speaker and Professor of theology & ethics at Kings College in New York City.

7. Jonathan Stewart- running back for the Carolina Panthers, and aspiring artist/musician.

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