Food Revolution and Patras Burgers

Occasionally here on the blog I like to share about ways that the blog community is making a difference- running after opportunities, chasing dreams, connecting dots, and making ideas happen. This is a cool story and connection.
I've been a fan of Jamie Oliver and the Food Revolution he started for quite some time now.
Well, my friends over at heystac (who designed my site) recently designed and developed a new site for Patra's Burgers.
Sound familiar? If you watched any of Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution last summer, then you may have seen some of Patra's transformation. Mack Kitchel, good friend and founder and creative director at heystac, was so inspired by these changes on the show that he made a little offer to the owner of Patra's. But I'll stop with the details and let him tell you.
My encouragement to you, based on this as an example, is pursue opportunities. Even when you think they might be impossible. Happy Monday!