Favorite things from 2011

Got this idea from my buddy Jon Acuff. Listing out my favorite things from last year in 2011. I'm a little late to the game in reviewing 2011 since it's now already the first part of February 2012, but oh well.

Here you go:

Favorite new band: Seryn

Favorite new artist: Josh Garrels 

Favorite song: 10,000 Reasons by Matt Redman

Favorite organization: Atlanta Mission

Favorite movie: Moneyball 

Favorite book: Unbroken

Favorite TV Show: Gold Rush

Favorite App for iPad: Fruit Ninja and Netflix

Favorite new person: Katie Davis, founder of Amazima Ministries and author of Kisses from Katie

Favorite sports figure: Tim Tebow. Duh.

Favorite Catalyst moment for me: tie between John Perkins and Eugene Peterson- presenting the Catalyst Lifetime Achievement Award to them individually at Catalyst Dallas and Catalyst West.

Favorite video: all the antics from Tripp and Tyler in 2011. Too many to list!!