A Fresh Approach to Worship Music

My great friend Aaron Niequist, singer, songwriter, pastor and worship leader at Willow Creek Community Church, has created a fresh new sound in the expression of worship through music and song.

His current project, A NEW LITURGY, is one of the most unique, innovative and forward thinking MUSIC PROJECTS I've heard in a while. A totally different approach to how we engage in spiritual singing and worship through song, poetry, Scripture reading, and overall liturgy.

For me, I like to sing, pray, reflect, and recite Scripture in the car, in my office, running, on a plane, etc. A New Liturgy combines the disciplines of prayer, reading, liturgy, singing, reflection and praise, and makes it convenient to engage in all of these different spiritual disciplines through a Storyline that Aaron creates around certain topics and areas of focus. Such as Grace, Blessing, Love, Mercy, etc.

There are currently 3 different Liturgy projects available in the Series.

Liturgy No 1 is "God Is Love." Here's the way Aaron describes it:

"The idea that God loves EVERY ONE of his kids equally – no matter their history, nationality, beliefs, sins, strengths, etc – is profoundly moving to me. For nothing can separate us for the love of God…. And not only do I want to see myself as one of those deeply loved kids, I want to see every single other person I ever meet as my brother or sister, engulfed in God’s bottomless, paternal, and maternal LOVE."

I'm a big fan of this project. Check it out. Go download it. Highly recommended.