What is Gift Card Giver?

Part of a board meeting today with Gift Card Giver. This is a great organization that I highlighted a couple of weeks ago.  Gift Card Giver provides a platform for anyone to leverage the unused money/credit on gift cards for good. Think of all the gift cards you have in your wallet, purse or on your dresser at home. Ones you'll never use.

Well, you can send those cards in and the remaining credit on the cards will be used to help those in need. Whether the card is from Best Buy, Home Depot, Starbucks, Target, or Olive Garden, all cards are welcome. Once sent in, these cards are aggregated together and the money is leveraged for helping those in need.

Also, if you are a church leader, ask your congregation to throw their gift cards into the offering plate. Then, put em all together and send them in. 

The video below is a simple story showing the power of the idea behind Gift Card Giver. 

[vimeo 5612738]