Week Review (or start)- Highlights

A week in review. Highlights. Bullets.  - got to hang with my friends earlier this week from Hillsong United who are currently on a tour in the US. Their new album Across the Earth: Tear Down the Walls has been in the top five on itunes all week. Among all albums! Go buy it now if you haven't already. 

- the Hillsong United concert on Wednesday night was amazing. We took our entire Catalyst team- 15 seats! Thanks for the hook up Luke Webb!! Luke is the incredible Manager for Hillsong. Plus, it seemed like every musician in Atlanta was there. Tomlin, Kristian Stanfill, Steve Fee, Christy and Nathan Nockels, Carlos Whittaker, and probably tons of others who I didn't see. 

- new Catalyst podcast episode is up, featuring an interview with best-selling author Andy Andrews. Ken and I also talk about my trip to Rwanda. Stream on the Catalyst website or download from itunes

- Dustin Ahkuoi and the team at 12 Stone Church did Bohemian Rhapsody during the service this morning. It was off the charts. Dustin can flat out sing. If you haven't seen Dustin perform, check this out. 

- Attended Eddie Kirkland's CD Release party in Buckhead on Thursday night. This album is unique. Very Keane-esque. You might have heard Eddie at Catalyst or North Point or Orange or other events. This album has been on my play list for the last couple of weeks. Buy his album here

- Swatch and MTV have teamed up for a unique creative contest being hosted by Behance, the network of creative professionals created by Scott Belsky. Scott is speaking at Catalyst Labs this October. Check out this unique project

- Mike Hyatt had a great post last week on "Leadership 2.0" and how the next generation of leaders are different. 

- The Catalyst interns are officially here for the summer. This was their first full week. I need to think of some more pranks to pull on them. 

- Catalyst East programming meeting earlier this week with Lanny, Reggie, Ken, Jeff, Brian, Melissa, and others. We're cooking up some pretty cool stuff for October. Let's just say that "On Your Mark" as a theme offers lots of opportunities for some fun creative elements.....Plus, the best speaker line-up we've ever assembled. Andy, Louie, Ramsey, Tony Dungy, Malcolm Gladwell, Rob Bell, Swindoll, Matt Chandler, Shane Hipps, Francis Chan, and many others.... Are you kidding me????!!!!!!!