Top Ten Events to attend in 2009

My suggestions for what Leadership events you should attend in 2009. Obviously, I highly recommend attending Catalyst in Atlanta (October 7-9), Catalyst West Coast in LA (April 22-24), and Catalyst One Days in different cities (next is February 26 in Atlanta). So outside of those, here is my list of suggestions. 1. Catalyst Events

2. Q- April 27-29, Austin, TX. 

3. Drive- May 4-6, Atlanta, GA.

4. Orange- April 29-May 1, Atlanta, GA. 

5. Innovation3- January 27-28, Dallas, TX.

6. Maximum Impact- May 8, Atlanta, GA. (simulcast)

7. Leadership Summit- August 6-7, 2009

8. Exponential- April 20-23, Orlando, FL

9. Unleash- March 12, Anderson, SC

10. National Pastors Convention- February 10-13, San Diego, CA

bonus event: The Idea Camp- February 27-28, Irvine, CA. A free conference for idea makers.