The Art of Storytelling

I've always been mesmerized by great storytellers. Whether a pastor, a politician, an entertainer, a grandparent, or just a friend, someone who is skilled at spinning the yarn will always keep my attention and almost always inspire me.  Great storytellers are talented and timely orators who can hold audiences of one or 1000 on the edge of their seat while waxing away poetically. Was thinking back through some of the great storytellers I have had the privilege to know: my dad, John Maxwell, Bob Foster, Sr., Ken Coleman, Bill Strickland, Tim Sanders, Steve Graves, Peb Jackson and many others. 

Jesus proved to be a great storyteller during his time on earth. In fact, most of his major points were always substantiated by telling a story so people could easily understand and make application. This should be of major note to us and a reminder- if you want to drive home your point, share a story, and make it personal. 

I am sure you know great storytellers, orators, those you always want at your table at a dinner party.