Taking Risks

Yesterday was on a conference call with several leaders. One of the questions that was asked was "why do you step out and risk when you have a comfortable niche you are running in? Why change if things are going great for you?"  Great question. Had to think about my answer. Four things stood out to me on the whole issue of taking a risk:

1. Entrepreneurs and Type A Leaders are never satisfied with the status quo and the comfortable niche. They can't stand to sit still. Their DNA won't allow it. 

2. Stewardship- because what you are running or leading is temporary, and your responsibility is to steward it correctly, if others need it, and this requires changing or risking, then you need to step out and continue to push the envelope with what God has given you.  

3. Adventure and the power of the pioneer- we are wired to be pioneers. To go on an adventure. Pure and simple. 

4. Due diligence suggests it's time to move- do your homework, research, talk to people, and take very seriously the idea that you are risking. It's dumb to step out and change/take a risk if you haven't properly prepared and surveyed the landscape. But once you've done your homework and prepared, then go for it. Many people stifle the actual desire to step out because they spent too much time on due diligence.