Summary from Catalyst West

9 days after we wrapped up Catalyst West Coast, and I am still trying to get my hands around all that God accomplished during those three days with over 3,300 young leaders. It was an amazing experience. The energy was electric. The leaders in attendance were hungry for a memorable experience. Everyone there- speakers, staff, attendees, volunteers, musicians, entertainers- we all were anticipating something special. God showed up big time. Lives were impacted. Leaders were challenged. Collectively, there is now a group of young leaders who are inspired to make a difference. These leaders were already poised to be Catalysts in their spheres of influence; we just gave them a network and a gathering by which to be inspired.  It is so hard to thank everyone who needs to be thanked, so I am not going to try. But I am going to post a video later this week with some thoughts- instead of trying to write them all down, it's easier just to mention the thoughts and highlights in a stream of vocal production. So stay tuned for that. In the meantime, you can visit Ben Arment's blog for summaries, as well as going to the post event website where there are a number of resources and ongoing connection points for the new network of leaders on the West Coast.