Rwanda Day #6

Another amazing day here in Rwanda. We spent the morning with 10 students from a local University here in Kigali. Each of these students are part of the Leadership Development Program through Compassion. There are a total of 35 students throughout Rwanda who are part of the LDP through Compassion. These students basically are given a scholarship to attend a University, and participate in weekly activities that allow for continued spiritual and emotional growth.  Really impressed with these students. Over 200 applications were received for these 35 spots, in the first year of the program in Rwanda. Over 1,500 students around the world are part of LDP. This is the best of the best from the Compassion program for children who have been sponsored through childhood and adolescence. An amazing program and one of the highlights of the trip for me- meeting these college students and having the chance to hear their stories and encourage them. 

We also visited Hotel Rwanda, which is actually a hotel by a different name but actually the site where the movie was filmed. If you haven't watched the movie before, go and rent it immediately. It is a great film, and a good look into the Genocide of 1994 through the eyes of the hotel manager and how he protected both Hutu's and Tutsi's in the hotel, without any protection from the UN or other groups. Stars Don Cheadle and Nick Nolte.