Rwanda Arrival

We have officially arrived in Kigali, Rwanda. After 20 hours of travel and one bag still to arrive (of course it was mine), everyone is here. There are 10 of us on the trip. The flight from Atlanta to Brussels was good, and then from Brussels to Kigali was mostly sleeping.  When arriving at the Kigali International Airport, the first thing you notice is the banana trees and the quiet stillness of the airport. Very small. Our plane was the only one at the airport. Customs was quick, and then of course everyone got their bag except for me. Classic. The good news though is that i have enough clothes in my carry on for several days. Reminds me of when Ken Coleman went to Zambia and didn't get his bags- any of them. He had to wear the same clothes for three days straight! 

The drive over to the hotel was about 10 minutes. The sky is incredibly lit up by stars with very little light from the city. Lots of motorbikes, mopeds, and small economy cars. Seems that the roads and feel of the city is pretty peaceful. There were lots of folks walking around the city and hanging out in small little town squares in multiple locations on our drive. 

Just had dinner with the group. Lots of rice, pasta, and chicken, plus some very good dessert. We have a great group here- a musician and his wife, a couple from Minnesota that put on a large music festival, couple of other folks from Nashville, one from Colorado Springs, and then three of us from Atlanta. We got to meet two of the Compassion staff that work here in Rwanda- John and Eugene. They are great, hospitable, and have welcomed us well to their country. 

More updates tomorrow, with pictures and some video. For now, please continue to pray for safety and good health for our group, and a good nights sleep!