Producing Events Part Two

Part two of the three part series on producing events. 4. Find talent everywhere. If you can't hire someone full-time, then bring em in as a consultant, or at least just for a day to bring fresh ideas and different perspective. When you live in the middle of planning and producing every day, it's good to have someone from the outside.

5. Understand the difference between producing, directing, and leading. For Catalyst, each of these roles are different people. And they require different kinds of people. (more on this later) It's important to not just have the same person filling these strategic areas, unless your event is basic and not in need of a comprehensive production team.

6. In programming, focus relentlessly on transitions. Many times producers focus so much on the speaking, or the key production parts, that they leave the transitions to chance. It's essential to have transitions that are seamless, experiential, and connect with the audience.

Part three coming on Saturday.