Lighten Up!

Here at Catalyst, we like to have fun. Thought I would list out some of the things we have incorporated into our culture here that keep things fun, light, and entertaining in the office. We have a mantra: "Work shouldn't suck!" If you are going to spend 40-50 hours a week (and more) with folks, why not make it interesting? Feel free to add some things you've incorporated  as well so we can all learn from each other.  1. Cornhole- beanbag toss for grown ups.

2. Basketball- go to your local Wal-Mart, get yourself a Little Tike adjustable goal, and enjoy.

3. Potluck Lunches- works in churches, why not in the office as well.

4. Random Music Mix Days- everyone has different music tastes, let them express their differences. But a key- go buy some Irish music, and make Thursday afternoon at 4:30 "Irish Dance Off Time." Highly recommended. 

5. Money Jar- can use this for tips when someone does something extraordinary, or can also use it for "self-policing" rude comments, out-of-bounds statements, or out-of-date jokes. Dwayne Melton on our team pays regularly.

6. Kickball- if you have a parking lot, then game on.

7. Sports related pools- keeps things interesting during slow months, and gives Chad Johnson on our team something to do!

8. Monday morning bragathon- everyone on the team picks out another team member to highlight something great they have recently done. Not just the leader bragging on individuals, but peer to peer. Everyone takes a turn and everyone gets bragged on.

9. Toys on demand- if you want people to be creative, think outside the box, and come up with great ideas, give people the tools to be creative. Literally. I know it sounds childish, but having toys around your office makes a huge difference. Plus it makes your kids want to hang out!

10. Employee Appreciation Days- not just a day to recognize all team members- but entire days focused on one specific employee.