How the Mighty Fall

I am a big fan of Jim Collins. Anything he writes or says I read or listen. As many of you know, we had Jim with us at Catalyst last October. In preparing for his talk at Catalyst during the summer, I had the chance to talk with him at length about his talk and also about a new project he was working on at the time. We talked about Good to Great, and then the new project entitled "How the Mighty Fall," and I took some major notes at the time as this was like having an MBA course over the phone. It was a great phone call. Hearing content before it is released is always a very cool experience. 

Well, How the Mighty Fall just released this past Tuesday as Collins' latest book, and in an exclusive excerpt from the book, you can read this article in Business Week. It's worth your time. You can also listen to a podcast with Jim.

And make sure you buy a copy of this ground-breaking book. I already have.