How many Leaders does it takes to put on Catalyst?

It takes around 500 folks every year to put on our large Catalyst event in Atlanta the first week of October.

Our Catalyst full-time team consists of 12 people. So that means 488 "other" folks are involved in the process of creating and delivering the best experience out there for Next Generation Leaders.

I would love to list all 500 folks. But not enough room here. However, all 500 are listed on the bonus edition as part of the event DVD set.

In the meantime, here is a list of some of the key folks involved and their role:

Melissa Kruse - Project Manager and Assistant Event Director

Jason Haynes - Project Manager

Courtney Fahey - Executive Assistant/Project Manager

Sally Heffner - Marketing

Chad Johnson - Senior Concierge

Aaron Foster– Concierge

Stan Johnson- Concierge

LV Hanson – Roadtrip and National Tour Coordinator

Jesse Phillips –Special Projects Ninja and Web content manager

Brian Cole - Producer

Kevin Lee - Production

Cristin Serio –Concierge

Lanny Donoho- Emcee and Creative team

Reggie Joiner- Emcee and Creative team

Ken Coleman- Emcee and Creative team

Jeff Shinabarger- Creative Producer

Kevin Sterner- Brandpoet; design and creative team

Carlos Whittaker- Backstage and Pre-show Host

Tripp Crosby- Videos, Pre-show host, and funny guy

Tyler Stanton- Videos, Pre-show host, and funnier guy

Jonathan Bostic- Opener, Motion Graphics, Title Treatment, sweet animation

Brian Pirkle- Technical Director/Producer and creative team

Ansley Lawhead- intern

Shawn Behan- intern

Danielle Durst- intern

Jon Hindson- Event Coordinator

Amanda Hindson- Event Coordinator

Akemi Cole- Volunteer Coordinator

Amberly Sykes- Registration

Chris Ediger- Web

Cathy Leeke- Resources

Craig Canfield- Vendors

Jill Walker- Shipping

Dustin Ahkuoi- Customer Service

Steven Donnelly- Accounting

Anne Jackson- Backstage host

John Saddington- Backstage developer and producer

Kristen Etzel- Backstage production and switcher

Tim Willard- podcast interviews and GroupZine editor

Beth Nelson- GroupZine Managing Editor and food

Mike Foster- podcast interviews

Tim O’Mara- special projects

Michelle Hoeft- special projects

Skye Jethani- Lab Host

Stephanie D’Herde- Lab Host

Richard Chancy- Lab Host

Dave Ferguson- Lab Host


Daniele Valadera

Chris Toews

Tyler Reagin

Gisele Nelson

Mack Kitchel

Jonathan Golden

Eric Flickinger

Mike Nienaber

Ginny Reddick

Jay Hardwick

Jonathan Merritt

Brad Horton

Rebecca O’Mara

Diane Grant

Sarah Molchan

Brad Jones

Mark Cole

Chris Oakley

FEE Band:

Steve Fee, Matt Adkins, Heath Balltzglier, Brandon Coker

Aaron Keyes Band:

Aaron Keyes, Jon Duke, Lee Worley, Austin Booth

Worship Leaders:

Eddie Kirkland

Todd Fields

Kari Jobe

Christy Nockels

Miriam Ahkuoi

Rudy Vaughn

Zach Williams

Chrystina Fincher

Mac Powell

House Band:

Reid Greven, Ashley Appling, Pat Malone, Brad Avery, Steve Thomasson

Vocalists, Artists, Cover Songs, and Everything else:

Amena Brown

Ryan Stuart

DARAJA Children’s Choir

RoseAngela Merritt

Dustin Ahkuoi

Steve Florczykowski

Chieula Hawk

Tan Smith Pettigrew

Jon Goode

Darren Whitehead

DJ Maximillian

The Overtones

Professor Splash


Garrett Rutherford, Beverly Petty, Joshua Symonette, Ryan Sisson


Assistant Producer- Colette Taylor

Screen Control/Video Playback- Brad Weston

Video Director- Brendon Petty

Camera Engineer/Shader- Marc Shroyer

Video Animation Design/Playback- Jonathan Bostic

Audio (A1) - FOH Engineer- Dustin Whitt

Audio (A2) – Monitors- Jayce Fincher

Audio (A2) – Assistant- Luke Roteman

Stage Manager- Chuck Phillips

Stage Manager- Patrick McEwen

Pro Presenter- Leah Case

Pro Presenter- Kristin Eichler

Ryan Bates- Majestic Productions

Bobby Browder- Majestic Productions

Kirk Baggott- Visicor Media

Kevin Baggott- Visicor Media

Amy Baggott- Visicor Media

Rob Mottola- Weathers Studios

Jennifer Mottola- Weathers Studios

Carmen Vaught- Photography

Chris Davis- Photography

Daley Hake- Photography

Ken Hawkins- Photography

Mary Anne Morgan- Photography

Stephen Hunton- Photography

Jason Locy- Fivestone Design

Patricio Juarez- Fivestone Design

Shelley Moore- Fivestone Design

Blake Howard- Matchstic Design

Craig Johnson- Matchstic Design

Dustin Britt- Matchstic Design

Alvin Diec- Matchstic Design

George Lawrence- Lawrence Printing

Darren Phillips- Lawrence Printing

Doug Gattis- Data Supplies Inc

Jeff Lucas- Professional Sound Images

JJ Lucas- Professional Sound Images

Monica Lucas- Professional Sound Images

Chance Mason- 316 Networks

Terry Storch- You Version Live

Tony Steward- You Version Live

Scott Magdalein- You Version Live

Kent Shaffer- You Version Live

Micah Davis- ParaTweet

Chris Capehart- ParaTweet

Stacy Coleman- Conexus Group

Tracy Polson- Conexus Group