Hangin with Brian Houston and Hillsong United

Great time in Miami over the weekend with Brian Houston and Hillsong United.  Spent Thursday evening and most of the day on Friday with Brian Houston and 35 senior pastors from churches around the country. Amazing time of connection and learning. 

Then Friday night with the Hillsong United team and all day Saturday (and late Saturday night!!). Love hanging with these great friends. Joel, Brooke, Luke, Jason, JD, Jad, Scott, Matt, Brad, Sanga, Phil, and several others. Each time I am around the entire team I am more thankful and grateful for their unbelievable global ministry. Impacting millions around the world. Great conversations, and amazing times of worship! 

More in the next several days regarding the November 4th release of the feature documentary film "We're All in this Together" from Hillsong. Will be in 500 theaters around the US. You'll definitely want to attend. 

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