Face in the Mud Leadership

As leaders, many times we have to lay down, with our head face down, in the mud, in order for things to get done. What does this mean? 1. instead of standing up and leading forward, many times we have to lay down and get out of the way.

2. No one likes to step in the mud, much less lay down in it, much much less lay down with your face in it. But sometimes as leaders we are called to sacrifice.

3. Just because you may have to lay down in the mud, doesn't mean everyone else on your team has to do the same.

4. Servant leadership sometimes means someone else walking over our back to get to the next big thing. And not always someone from your team- many times it could be you're getting walked over by the person you might have been arguing, competing, or at opposite ends with. You may have to serve truly as a bridge between side A and side B.

5. Face in the Mud doesn't mean you are wimpy or not willing to stand up- just the opposite. Face in the mud leadership is quiet strength. And being confident and competent as a leader.