Did I accomplish anything today?

Here was my day- not sure a typical day, but thought I would share nonetheless. The important thing to note- only 4 of the "items" below were scheduled. Everything else was spontaneous or general "getting work done" items. Too many meetings planned will equal very few things actually getting accomplished. Here you go: - 6 am wake up

- at the office by 6:45

- some time for prayer, reading, singing, reflecting, scripture

- 7:15 am catch up on blogs, twitter, and other interesting links

- 7:30 am final listening, editing to the next issue of the Catalyst podcast with Louie Giglio

- 8 am speaker contracts sent out for next event in October 

- 8:30 am new ideas/initiatives for 2010 

- 9 am email and texts 

- 9:30 am meeting regarding some website changes and program/production stuff 

- 10 am marketing budgets review 

- 10:30 am pick on the interns a bit (and give Chad Johnson a hard time)

- 10:40 am work on an endorsement for a friend's book

- 10:55 am Creative review/edit for ads

- 11:10 am talk through Facebook group and other social media issues 

- 11:30 am call with Ed Stetzer regarding Catalyst October

- noon email 

- 12:30 pm  meet with Lunch n Learn group and talk about systems 

- 1:30 pm work on partnership emails and new marketing channels

- 2:30 pm walk around the office and bother everyone else- waste time; pick on the interns and Melissa Kruse 

- 3:00 pm email; lots of responding to emails and also working on a few deals 

- 4:00 pm watch some of the behind the scenes/backstage footage from Catalyst West Coast 

- 4:30 pm review/edit creative design and copy for tickets and rave cards and new email skins 

- 5:00 pm call with Buddy Stone from Stand in the Gap 

- 5:30 pm work on To Do list 

- 6:00 pm two games of Cornhole with Catalyst team (1-1 by the way) 

- 6:30 pm catch up on voicemails, texts and people to call

- 7:00 pm Dinner with Jon Acuff 

There you have it. Not sure if that is normal or not. Got several things done, but I am not sure I would give today a satisfactory score in the area of accomplishing anything. More moving the ball down the field.