Charity: Water

The lack of clean drinking water around the world is a major problem. I saw this first hand in Rwanda. Outside of the major cities, Rwandans had no access to clean water, except in villages where water wells had been put in. This is a global challenge, and several organizations are working hard to combat it- Rwanda Clean Water, Blood:Water Mission, and Charity: Water among others. 

Had the chance to speak with Scott Harrison several days ago about Charity: Water and the great work they are doing. As the founder and chief visionary, his big goal is not just to combat the issue, but to solve it.

We discussed a BIG idea that he and the Charity: Water team are working on for 2010 that will put a major dent in the water crisis. Reality is- together we can do this, especially with the collective effort of the global Church in partnership with businesses, governments and NGO's. 

Make sure to check out the great work Charity: Water is doing.