Change is Good

Remember as a child how exciting it was for your family to change the furniture configuration in the living room? I do. It was like having a whole new home. It created a major sense of excitement and anticipation for our family, especially my brother and me. Or when you would change your bedroom up and move the bed to the other wall (perpendicular) and put the dresser on the other side of the room, and your trophies in a different spot? Like a whole new room. All good memories. We decided today to reconfigure the office space here at Catalyst. Why? No good reason, other than sparking some fresh thinking and feeling like we are starting "new" in 2009. Everyone was involved. Everyone was excited. Fresh eyes and fresh perspective.

Will it improve productivity? Who knows. But maybe it will spark some extra momentum as we start 2009. With all the change happening around us, it feels right to create some change that we can control.