Catalyst One Day in Atlanta

Been away from the blog for several days. Earlier this week, we had 2,000 leaders assembled at North Point for Catalyst One Day Atlanta. You can see some of the tweets and blog posts at Catalyst Backstage. Will have some pics posted in a couple of days.  Craig Groeschel and Andy Stanley were phenomenal. Steve Fee, Eddie Kirkland and Todd Fields led worship, along with Pat Malone, Reid Greven, and Ashley Appling as part of the band. David McDaniel joined Andy for an interview regarding North Point's strategy in regards to campus extension and expansion. Overall, a great day. And then on Thursday evening we hosted Off the Blogs in Buckhead. Very unique and authentic gathering. More on it later. 

Looking forward to the next Catalyst One Day in Dallas on May 18. And the first ever Catalyst West Coast event on April 22-24 in LA.