Buy this album now

  My good friend David Hodges is releasing a brand new EP today on itunes. It is great. I just bought it. Go buy it now

The title of the album is "The Rising." Believe me, you'll love the album. TODAY is the release date. 

David is a grammy award winning artist, songwriter, and musician. He has earned great respect in the music community over the last couple of years. He was a founding member of the band Evanescence, and has written for Kelly Clarkson’s multi-platinum album, “Because Of You”  and Celine Dion’s “This Time”. He is currently touring and performing with Chris Daughtry, another friend he has written hit singles for on the album “What About Now”. Hodges recently worked with Celine Dion on her latest album “Taking Chances” and continues to write and collaborate with today’s leading artists, including David Archuleta.

David is a great friend and doing amazing work in the music industry. As a community, I am asking everyone who is part of this small tribe we have created here to support his great work and encouraging you to invest $3.99 on iTunes today and be one of the reasons his music climbs the charts and more people are exposed to his talent. Check it out, buy it and let me know what you think.