Best College Football Coach of the Decade

So there's been lots of discussion over the past year regarding my Best College Team of the Decade post. After last year's win by Florida over Oklahoma, I would probably have to add Florida to my mix of USC, Oklahoma, and Ohio State. 

But what about the best coach of the Decade? Well, here is my current top five: 

5. Mack Brown- he leads the big rival school at Texas, but he's a heck of a coach. And probably the best recruiter in the country.

4. Jim Tressel- classy, traditional, and a great fit at Ohio State. He's been a winner everywhere he's coached. 

3. Bob Stoops- even though he's having a hard time winning the big games lately, he's still built a great program at Oklahoma. Top Five team consistently since he started. 

2. Pete Carroll- great leader and probably the best program the last 10 years at USC. Players love to play for him, and he's a guy you'd love to hang with. Love his style. 

1. Urban Meyer- this guy's a winner. Built an amazing program at Utah, and has two championships in the last three years at Florida. And plays in the toughest conference in the country. 

Let the conversation begin. Who you got? Who would you put #1?