Being Creative

Creating an environment for "being creative" takes work. It takes energy and preparation. You don't just show up and flip the creative switch on immediately. There is a reason that certain groups and organizations are ultimately more creative than others- it's because they are on purpose when it comes to creating the right kind of environment for creativity. They are intentional with creating the creative environment.

Here at Catalyst, we are very intentional about our creative process. It's part of our DNA. See this post from last year about "turning ideas into reality."

When it comes to creating the right kind of environment, we've established some "rules" (suggested behavior) for our "creative" meetings:

1. set the expectations for the meeting up front. be very clear, even if there are no rules.

2. there is no bad answer

3. "yes, and" and never "no or but"

4. respect everyone's participation and their thoughts- no one can dominate the conversation

5. allow for movement- standing up, walking, sitting down, whatever works for people- especially those with shorter attention spans!

6. provide creative "extras", such as toys, sports items, collectives, visual effects and other "enhancers"

7. Take mental breaks every 30-40 minutes, and physical breaks every 90 minutes

8. take VERY detailed notes. capture everything. gotta have a dedicated notetaker.

9. always allow for rabbit trails, but have a facilitator who keeps things moving.

10. Keep the fun meter above 50%. If it drops below that, stop and re-establish the fun factor. 

Hopefully these are helpful as you create in your own environments.....