Attracting Young Leaders to your team

Let's face it- young leaders are the future of your organization. Whether you like it or not, they will soon take over and be running the show. Your show. My show.  So why are there certain organizations and certain leaders who always seem to attract younger leaders to their team? Whether a pastor, entrepreneur, CEO or non-profit Executive Director, there are certain leaders, certain teams and certain organizations that EVERY young and ambitious leader wants to be a part of.

What is it about THIS leader who attracts young leaders? Such a draw that young guns are willing to jump on board with them and storm the castle.

  1. humility, combined with incredible passion and skill. Jim Collins writes about this as the key characteristic of a level 5 leader.
  2. Unwavering commitment to reaching their desired audience and accomplishing the mission. Know the hill they are climbing and willing to fight to get to the top. 
  3. The IT factor- hard to explain, but easy to spot. 
  4. Collaboration and not competition, celebrating others victories along with your own.
  5. Willing to give over responsibility vs. a "wait your turn" mentality- will allow young leaders to lead if they are qualified and can handle it. 
  6. Authenticity- They keep it real. Young leaders clamor towards authentic and honest leaders. 
  7. Open to change- if they are not open to change no one will follow them (thanks Shinabarger on this one)
  8. Can have at least a little fun. Like attracts like. It’s a reality= regardless of age, demographic, and style.
  9. Passionately create a culture that takes risks, allows for failure, and thinks outside the box