Are you reflecting?

As leaders, it's not always just about what we are doing right now and will be doing later today, tomorrow, or next week, or next year. We have to be equally mindful of what IS happening, what WILL happen, and what HAS happened. Past is equally important to the future, both for our own sense of achievement, as well as our teams. Our role requires that we take time to stop and reflect on where we've been. About remembering. Reflecting. Taking moments to pause and be grateful. Reminiscing. Celebrating. 

We forget this in business. But we know it's true in our families and our friendships. Pictures are the ultimate tangible expression of reflection and remembering. You hear it all the time- "the whole house burned, but everyone is safe, and we got all of our pictures out..... the storm destroyed our home, but we were able to grab the family album." We understand the power of remembering. 

Creating vision for the future is a key part of leadership, but truly casting vision isn't only about what is YET to come. Correctly casting vision is also about remembering and reflecting on what has happened in the past.

Are you cultivating this kind of culture for your team or organization?