Airplane Etiquette, Part Four

A whole new post regarding Airplane Etiquette, or actually lack of it, after a long flight earlier today.  New items to add to the list:

1. Tommy Turnaround- the guy in front of me on a number of occasions actually turned around and sat on his armchair facing me, sitting high and looking over the back of his chair. He was reading a book, but it was still creepy.

2. Larry Leaner- Someone may have already brought this one up, but again, had it today for 5 hours! Larry is in the middle, I am in the aisle, and he leans on me as he falls asleep. Multiple elbows, throat clears, and side swipes don't seem to alleviate the issue.

3. Wrong Way Wes- so you know how everybody stands up when the plane gets to the gate, even though you still have 5 minutes before you are even thinking of exiting the plane. So Wes decides to stand up, and then instead of facing towards the front of the plane like everyone else, he decides to stand and look in my direction, towards the back of the plane. Multiple minutes of trying to avoid eye contact at close range is a difficult task!