Your Five (or Three)

T-Mobile has made the idea of "your fave five" famous lately with their catchy marketing campaign denoting your five favorite people who are in your phone that you talk to on a consistent basis (and for free with their favorite five plan).  On a related and more important note, however, who are your three? The three folks (besides you) who are working together to CREATE and CULTIVATE culture? Andy Crouch spoke about this at Catalyst, and I want to reiterate his point. A key element in culture creation is the idea of 3/12/120. And the first part of this equation is the THREE. This is the small group of people that you are truly creating with- an idea, a project, an initiative, a new bold concept that is going to revolutionize your industry, or even better, is going to help shape the thoughts and philosophies of your neighborhood, your community, your city, and/or your area of influence. Andy's point is that when you look at the culture shaping initiatives around us, the core group that came up with these ideas or concepts usually is a group of three-five people. Which makes the idea really practical for all of us. Find your three (you probably know who they are) and start doing something. Together.