Who to Vote For?

Yeah, I've already decided who I am voting for in this upcoming election. However, I don't think it is my responsibility to tell everyone via blog, email, facebook, podcast or any other medium whom YOU should vote for.  This was the context of Kevin Myers teaching this morning at 12 Stone. In 20 years of the existence of 12 Stone Church, he has never even preached on politics. And he wasn't about to tell anyone who to vote for, or which party to line up with today. But, he did lay the wood down in regards to how we as Believers should view this election, and our involvement in politics in general. His main points:

- Jesus is bigger and greater and much more highly ranked in the "Kingdom" than the President of the US. 

- The Church is bigger and greater and much more highly ranked in the "Kingdom" than America. 

- Our primary (1st) citizenship as a follower of Christ is the Kingdom of God. With this citizenship comes platform. 

- Our secondary (2nd) citizenship as humans is to our country- in my case the United States of America. With this citizenship comes "pallet," meaning that it is important and provides influence, but when you put a wooden pallet on a platform, it doesn't compare. 

- We have to be aware of the difference between rights and responsibilities in both the Kingdom of God and here in our country. Focusing on RESPONSIBILITIES is more important. We have lost that in our country. We tend to focus today much more on "what is my right?". 

- Daniel is a great example of how to be properly involved in both the Kingdom of God and the Kingdom of man. 

- God doesn't need our country. God has worked, and the Kingdom of God has continued to prevail, whether in dictatorships, democracies, communist regimes, or whatever political system. 

- Ultimately, he challenged everyone to do their homework, vote based on God's values, and pray. Three good steps.