Who is your Steve Williams

Saw a great story on ESPN this evening on the E:60 documentary style show that features several notable reporters who go behind the scenes with famous (and sometimes not so famous) folks. One of the profiles this evening was on Steve Williams, the most famous caddie in all of professional golf. Steve caddies for Tiger Woods, and has been on the bag with Tiger for 12 majors, and over 50 PGA tour titles in 9 years. Pretty impressive record. Interestingly, they work well together, but also are really good friends away from the office (or the course in this case). Steve is a no-frills, shoot straight kind of guy, which I am sure helps in working with and trying to give direction and assistance to the most famous sports figure in the world. He keeps Tiger grounded.  I think we each need a Steve Williams in our life, a caddie to tell us when to back off a shot, someone to tell us to hit the 7 iron instead of the 6 iron, to trust it, and that you are the best in the world and have made this 8 foot putt before, so no problem, just sink it.