Whiteboard on Thursday

Will be at Whiteboard on Thursday just outside of DC. Excited about being there, seeing a ton of friends, meeting some new ones, and also watching Ben Arment in action running the show. Ben is joining our team officially on June 1, and can't wait to have him on board working on all kinds of great stuff, plus continuing with Whiteboard next year. 

Ken Coleman and I will be recording part of the next Catalyst podcast live while I am on location at Whiteboard. Rumor is that Steve Fee is going to be sitting co-pilot next to Ken hosting the episode while I am absent. That should be a blast!

If you are attending Whiteboard, let me know as I would love to connect in person. And if you can't attend, you can catch live updates from the event on Conference Channel. You might even see yours truly doing some live updates with interviews of speakers and attendees. You can watch live or catch the archived interviews.