Week ending thoughts

- Catalyst is now 11 days away. Yikes.  - The greatest thing we have going with Catalyst? The leaders who will converge for three days. When you get 12,000 leaders together for 3 days, great things happen.

- I am continually impressed with the Burger King marketing campaign. Crispin + Porter + Bogusky is the firm behind the ads. By the way, Crispin Porter is doing the ads for Microsoft's latest campaign with Bill Gates in many of the commercials, but you won't find Microsoft listed as a client on their website. The latest Burger King commercial portrays the oversized Burger King man generously giving money to people on the street by slipping it into their pockets- sort of an opposite of a pick pocket. 

- It's one of those weekends in college football.... USC lost on Thursday night, and Florida has already lost today. Who will fall next???

- Ben Arment is putting together some incredibly cool stuff for Catalyst West Coast. It will be launching in two weeks on the Catalyst website. 

- Still a huge need in Houston and Galveston. Please see the message from Chris Seay on how you can help them in their hurricane relief efforts.

- Bring your Junky Car Club to Catalyst. You will get preferred VIP parking, a gift bag, and also priority seating during one of the main sessions.