Week ending thoughts

- Wow. Greg Norman has turned back the clock, leading by 2 strokes after 54 holes of the Open Championship.  - A few blogs you should check out: Jeremie, Brian, Chris, and Kristian

- The Roadtrip boys are back after 16 states in 8 days. Unbelievable. Plus no air conditioning in the Vanagon during the middle of July. Yikes. 

- Have you heard the song "Jesus Messiah" from Chris Tomlin? It has anthem song of the next 2-3 years written all over it. Sang it (and heard it) for the first time last week with 10,000 other folks at the Forward Conference. You would have thought the crowd had known it for years. 

- Another unbelievable song- Healer from Hillsong. The story behind the song will both inspire you and kick you in the gut. Wow. 

- Two great sites you should frequent: Hulu and Pandora. Hulu has tons of tv shows and movies for free. I have been watching Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip the past couple of weeks. Amazingly well written show- too bad it didn't make it to season 2. Pandora is an online radio station where you can control the kind of songs you hear and program based on artists or genre.