Vantage Point

Saw the brand new film Vantage Point last night with a number of friends. Very mixed response among our group to the movie. Some liked it, others really disliked it. In particular, a good friend Tripp Crosby (who is a film maker and extremely creative) had something to say which made me really think about our numb culture- Tripp commented that we have become so numb to a "different" kind of movie or entertainment style that when we are confronted with that different style or model, it seems so out of context that we can't handle it. In simpler words, we are a stupid culture, especially in regards to entertainment. I tend to agree with him. You will have to see the movie to understand the context, but basically you get the perspective of a 30 minute block of time from 8 different people. And each time the story is laid out you see a bit more until the last time you see the full context of the movie. I thought it was pretty clever, but I am sure lots of folks will think it was just too different and outside of the typical "stupid" movie we are used to seeing. Now there were a few dumb parts during the end, especially related to the ending and the lame script, and a couple of scenes and tangent story lines didn't match up, but other than that it was a fresh approach to telling a story. Lomenick gives it 3 out of 5 stars.