Together #5- the Core Catalyst program team

They say "It takes a village....". Well, when it comes to putting on a production the size of Catalyst, that's not far from the truth. All together, we'll have over 500 people here next week to help put on the event, including our Staff, Production Team, Artists, Performers, Speakers, and Volunteers. While I would love to mention everyone involved, I thought for now I would give a quick rundown of the core team that makes Catalyst happen:  Brian Pirkle- Technical producer. Brian calls the show, so you'll see him in the director chair in the production area wearing the headsets and hopefully calm!

Lanny Donoho- Mr. Enhancer himself. Funny. Charming. A real gem. Lanny's been doing events since the 60's....

Reggie Joiner- our resident program guru. Reggie challenges us, makes us ask the hard questions, and keeps us grounded and on task when sometimes we might want to do something that is way too wacky. 

Ken Coleman- the voice of the Catalyst Podcast, and our third emcee. Plus, Ken provides great insight on creative programming, flow of sessions, speaker content, etc.

Jeff Shinabarger- Jeff is truly an ideator. He has a knack for coming up with great ideas and understanding how they can fit. He also has an amazing heart for social justice and is constantly making sure we are messaging correctly for church leaders. 

Steve Fee- Mr. Worship Leader, plus really good at putting creative edges on ideas. Our resident rock star extraordinaire. 

Reid Greven- Music man at North Point, and music man for Catalyst. Reid has the task of trying to wrangle the musicians and artists who are assembled for Catalyst, and making sure they are where they're supposed to be and have the right charts, chords, lyrics, etc. 

Chrystina Fincher- Chrystina has been involved with Catalyst since the beginning as an amazing worship leader, leader in the band, incredible cover song vocalist, and song selection specialist. Plus her husband Jayce hangs out by the stage at the big sound board. 

Ryan Bates- Majestic Productions. Ryan and his team provide the audio, video, lighting and aesthetics within the arena and on the stage. Ryan is great to work with and makes things happen. 

Brian Cole- our internal production man. Brian manages the entire production budget and takes lead on video, audio and all of the details needed to make things happen. Brian has helped produce every Catalyst so far. 

Melissa Kruse- the quarterback and project manager for the event. I think she deserves a vacation!

Jon and Amanda Hindson- Operations gurus. They are a married logistical and operations force! Jon has been involved with Catalyst since the beginning and keeps us in line with all the details that us creative types like to forget! Amanda is lead on labs, helps me with speaker logistics and details, and finds tons of experience items for us to enhance the program.

Ben Arment- this is Ben's first Catalyst event to be involved from the inside. He joined us in May, and while he is working diligently on the West Coast event, he's managed to make a few program and creative meetings. He Innovates with his eyes closed. 

Chad Johnson- Mr. Catalyst himself. He schmoozes with our VIP group leaders and is the key relationship connection to thousands of leaders across the country.

Kevin Sterner- Designs the brochure, marketing materials, the fun box that everyone looks forward to, and helps us concept the theme and direction for the year. 

Jason Locy- Website man. Designer of the event notebook, groupzine, funny emails and our resident cynic. 

Again, there are many others who are involved, and I'll mention them later in another post after the event, but just wanted to give a shout out to the core team that has been meeting regularly the last several months. It's here!