Together #4

The together series continues. It is time that we discuss a more recent "TEAM" story. The US Olympic Basketball team. Why the gold medal this time? And what were the characteristics of this team that helped them win the gold? Here are a few thoughts: 

1. A clear vision and laser like goal- WIN the GOLD. 

2. Vulnerability- This team finally felt they were vulnerable- as a team, the US were confident, but also not cocky. they were concerned that other teams could beat them, and could match their talent.

3. Unselfish- finally, it wasn't just about showing more of who each of them were as players. A greater focus on what they could do together. 

4. Strong, confident and respected leader- Coach K. Enough said. 

5. Ability to have fun and build team camaraderie - you probably saw the team hanging out at other events, laughing, and looking like they actually enjoyed being around each other. It works. And makes sense. 

6. Talent- Either you have it or you don't. But not imperative. The US team had it in 2004, but the other pieces were missing. 

What else do you believe helped this team achieve gold?