Three great meetings

While spending time in Denver and Colorado Springs the last two days, had the chance to connect with three great leaders and visionaries.

  • Alan Nelson, executive editor of REV! Magazine- had the chance to have lunch with Alan at the Group Publishing headquarters, and hear about some of the great things he is working on. He gets to live really close to the mountains and work in a really cool office environment. Every time I am there I feel like I just came in from an early morning run on the slopes- very cool vibe. Alan is doing some new teaching for church leaders and running the editorial side of REV!. More on this later.
  • Greg Stier- Greg is the President of Dare 2 Share Ministries, based in Denver. He spends a ton of time on the road speaking to youth and challenging and equipping them to share their faith in a way that is relevant, practical and connects with their friends. Man, Greg is one passionate dude- and especially when it involves evangelism and the power of sharing your faith. A couple of hours around Greg and I was ready to walk out on the street and bring the heat for Jesus!
  • Ken Petersen- Ken is the Publisher for Multnomah based in Colorado Springs, now a divison of Random House and part of the Waterbrook Multnomah Publishing Group. Ken is a longtime veteran of the Christian publishing industry, and has tons of respect among his peers, authors, agents and vendors within the publishing circles. Ken is a forward thinker and has a very realistic and accurate understanding of where the publishing world is headed. Plus, he really engages in thinking how we as believers are engaging in culture and changing the perceptions of Christ followers among non-Christians.