The Oscars

A couple of observations so far on the Oscars:

  • Jon Stewart is a pretty funny dude
  • I need to watch Ratatouille
  • I Don't need to watch Norbit
  • Jack Nicholson is really getting old, but still gets a front row seat
  • So far lots of Foreigners receiving awards, and pretty much all of them speak broken English at best
  • Miley Cyrus is very mature for her age, and did a great job in her interview with Barbara Walters, especially when speaking of her faith
  • Tommy Lee Jones needs to have a cowboy hat on and have Robert Duvall next to him talkin about Lori Darlin
  • Why am I not a member of the Academy? I would happily send in my 5 finalists for each category, and have no problem going to watch all of the movies for free
  • Jon Stewart is still funny
  • Kristen Chenowith is from Broken Arrow, OK, a suburb of Tulsa, just like my hometown only 30 minutes away- Bristow, OK
  • Is there anyone that I might possibly be able to get a ticket from for next year's Oscars? How about the Grammy's? Maybe I should start with the Dove Awards....
  • Noticeably absent are several of my favorite actors- Denzel, Tom Hanks, Julia Roberts..... or maybe they are there but just are sitting farther back in the audience. I have to admit I didn't watch much of the Red Carpet show.
  • Bourne Ultimatum was a great movie, and probably the best so far in the series
  • I wonder what it costs to rent The Kodak Theatre for the day?
  • It must be nerve racking to have to read a teleprompter from 100 feet away in front of almost a billion people watching on television.
  • I love it when they cut someone off during an acceptance speech with the orchestra- keeps those big Hollywood egos in check.