Recalculating our Leadership GPS

We had David Salyers at our office last week from Chick-fil-A. David is the VP of Marketing for the chicken sandwich giant, and a frequent speaker and consultant on leadership. He had some great points during his talk to our staff, specifically as it relates to the idea of Recalculating our leadership GPS. - We tend to think that Leadership is mainly about leading those who are subordinates or work FOR us.

- However, 360 degree leadership is first and foremost about leading ourselves. 

- 50% of our energy should go towards leading ourselves. 20% should go towards leading across (peers), 20% towards leading up, and only 10% towards leading down (those who work for us directly). 

- With this scenario, 90% of leadership is for everybody, regardless of whether you have a team you manage or not. We tend to think that the only kind of leadership is when we have a team we are managing, but that is not accurate. 

- Most of us view leading up as "brown nosing." Instead we need to recalibrate- leading up is not "sucking up." Sucking up is selfish, but truly leading up is serving. 

- A self serving leader is one who is usually money motivated, while a servant leader is one who is mission motivated.

- Significance is about impact we have ON others. Success is about comparing ourselves TO others. And comparison is the thief of joy. 

- We cross the line of selfless to selfish as leaders when what we receive goes from appreciation to expectation.

(Many of his thoughts on 360 Leadership he gave credit to Bill Hybels, and a talk that Bill gave at Leadership Summit several years ago). 

You can watch the video of David speaking to our staff here.