People you meet

I have had the great fortune of being able to meet lots of folks throughout my post college career, and in fact met some great folks and valuable contacts during college as well. It always amazes me how/why you meet the people you meet- I know God is in control and orchestrates connections, but it still remains a mystery to me on many occasions how certain people run across your path. So, in thinking about the blessing of relationships, friendships, and a valuable network, I wanted to list a few folks I would like to meet over the next couple of years. I will keep you updated on the progress:

1. Denzel Washington

2. Tiger Woods

3. Barack Obama

4. Tom Brady

5. Bono

6. Oprah Winfrey

7. Bear Grylls

8. Steve Jobs

9. Melinda Gates

10. Brett Favre

What about you?